In 2019, it was hard to have a conversation about the future of any industry without talking about Brexit. Despite that substantial headwind, car dealers are optimistic about the year ahead.

Dealers reveal key issues in the used car market and what they mean for 2020. Download the report to learn more about:

Margin Pressures

Lead Management

Stock Challenges

While not be totally smooth, it's great to see it's been a broadly positive year for used car dealers.

Market strength in 2019 was just ahead of 2018, with approximately a third (36.9%) of dealers reporting improvement year over year, and a smaller proportion (32.2%) finding conditions tougher. 

Learn how dealers are countering margin pressures.

Pressure on margins did not improve in 2019. Just over half (50.7%) of retailers have seen margins drop in the past year and only a fifth (20.4%) report an improvement.

Find out how dealers are adapting to stock challenges.

Making sure dealership forecourts are kept stocked with the right cars at the right prices has once again become harder in the past year, with 80.2% of dealers reporting more difficult conditions. 

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